Dormansland Parish

Local Planning

The Parish Council takes its responsibilities for preserving the environment for future generations very seriously and to that end carefully considers every planning application made at monthly meetings. 

The parish is very fortunate to have a great many buildings of historical and architectural interest within its boundaries. Here is a list of the 49 Listed Buildings in the parish.  To be included in the "statutory list", buildings and other structures have to be judged to be of national importance.  Many buildings are included because of their age but buildings are also listed because of their association with well known architects or with significant events in history.  If you would like to see the current register of listed buildings within the parish please click here.

Tandridge District Council also hold a register of "Buildings of Character" for properties that even though they do not have the statutory protection offered to listed buildings, Tandridge Council will seek to keep and preserve them wherever possible.  If you would like to see the current register of Buildings of Character within the parish please click here

The Parish Council Planning Committee meets once a month to consider and comment on all planning applications submitted to Tandridge District Council.  

If you would like to see a record of all comments made on planning applications together with final decisions please visit Tandridge District Council's website.

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