Grant Applications

The Parish Council has for a number of years awarded grants to local organisations for the benefit of the residents of Dormansland. 

If your organisation is interested in applying for a grant from the Parish Council this year, please find the grant application form by clicking here. It is essential that the form is signed and dated by the applicant. The amount of the award will be at the discretion of the Parish Council. Details of our Grant and Donation Awarding Policy and Procedure can also be found on this page.

Please be sure to complete the form fully, providing as much detail as possible, as it will be utilised by Parish Council members to determine those which are successful. All applications will be considered on their merits, but in general grants will be awarded for capital projects, such as the purchase of equipment, works to buildings, improvements to premises. In addition the Council may support a community event, festival or other special event. The council will not normally support commercial organisations, major charities, bodies considered to be self-funded or provided for by other authorities. Grants will not be awarded to individuals.

When detailing the amount of the grant being requested please ensure that there is also detail on how the money would be spent if awarded. Retrospective applications will not be funded where the expenditure had been made, the project has been carried out or the event has taken place. It is important that details of your organisation's financial position is detailed on the form as requested and also if other funding streams have been explored.

All grant recipients are required to provide the Parish Council with a brief report, including photographs where appropriate, of how the grant has been utilised, how it has assisted the organisation or group and what it achieved. This must be submitted within six months of the purchase of the capital equipment or completion of the project.

The Parish Council may decide to award an alternative amount to that requested as funding is limited and this may allow the maximum number of organisations, and in turn residents of Dormansland, to benefit from the scheme.