Dormans Park Defibrillator

Published: 18 December 2020

photos of defibrillatorThe Parish Council are delighted to announce that a new defibrillator is now located in the BT Kiosk at Dormans Park and would like to thank the Dormans Park Road Trust for coordinating this. Below is a message from those involved in getting this up and running.

Last December two residents from Dormans Park, Stephen Watson and Mark Hunisett, approached the Dormans Park Roads Trust to see if we could look at obtaining a defibrillator (defib) which would serve residents, visitors and workers in Dormans Park. Similar to the one in the phone box in Dormansland High Street. This followed an incident locally where a defibrillator had been used in an emergency situation. 

A committee was formed made up of residents Stephen Watson, Mark Hunnisett, Andrea Fraser and Andrew Prescott. We approached the Parish Council who gave us excellent guidance and support and introduced us to the Community Heartbeat Trust. Unfortunately, the lockdown delayed our planning and we had to wait until the summer to arrange a zoom call with the Trust. They were able to recommend a suitable defib and support plan that fitted our requirements. We then went about raising the money from the residents who were very generous and the total amount required was soon reached. 

The Parish Council in the meantime carried out urgent repairs and repainting to the Dormans Park phone box where the defib was to be housed and the defib has been operational from the end of November. 

Because of the situation with Covid 19, it has not been possible to undertake any local training at this point however, we have circulated details of three YouTube videos which explain how to use the defib:


  • Nars cardiac arrest film
  • Community defibrillators and how they work
  • Defibtech lifeline new guided tour
We are now in the process of considering support networks amongst the residents for emergencies where someone is required to collect the defib from the phone box and seeking volunteers to be first responders to a nominated helpline.