Published: 18 February 2021

For everyone registered at Lingfield Surgery, here are some key facts to save you from making unnecessary calls to the surgery.

It is worth remembering that the vaccine is very fragile and should not be moved more than is necessary. There is about 20% wastage with every transportation, so once it is in Oxted, moving it again adds to the losses, which is why it is the nearest vaccination centre for us at the moment.

1. The surgery are phoning everyone on their register over 80 in turn, and it is taking time to go through their patient list - therefore some 80 year olds may get called before 90 year olds, it is how their list is made up. Where the patient has additional needs, these are being included in the organisation of the calls. They will complete the over 80 year olds and extremely clinically vulnerable patients first before going onto the next level.

2. Appointments are being booked by speaking to residents, or their relatives if necessary. The appointment is not booked until the patient confirms they can get to Oxted, the surgery is providing support for those who need it to get there

3. Parking at Oxted is in the council offices car park accessed on Gresham Road (before the Library/Oxted Clinic) and marshals will direct patients into the council offices along a short one-way system inside the building and help is available for people who have mobility difficulties. There are disabled parking bays in front of the council offices.

4. Lingfield surgery staff will be working at Oxted, so there are familiar faces for residents to see and they are being supported by volunteers who are registered with both the Lingfield and Oxted practices.

5. So far all appointments are being filled according to the criteria set out by NHS England but if patients are being contacted for other appointments, like blood tests, they are being offered appointments for the vaccine. These patients are on the highest levels for priority for vaccination anyway, it just saves a bit of time.

6. The surgery will try not to use mobile phone text messages for setting appointments as they are keen to make sure that if an appointment is offered, the patient can get there.

7. There is no charge for the vaccine and no way to get one ahead of your priority level, by paying for it.

8. The surgery are finding they are getting so many calls in from people who think they may have been "missed out" that it is stopping them from contacting people on their list for that day's appointments. If it is from someone who would have been contacted in the next few days, they will book an appointment for them if they can.

9. The delivery of the vaccine is very variable, to save having to change appointments or cause disappointment, the surgery are only calling people they have sufficient vaccine supplies for.

10. Please be patient, please do not call the surgery, they will call you when they have an appointment and vaccine available for you."