Dormansland Memorial Club

Published: 15 July 2021

Dormansland Memorial Club is a Charity that is entirely separate from the Parish Council.

Whilst the Parish Council wishes to ensure that the future of this asset is protected for the benefit of all residents in the village, our legal advisor informed us that the Parish Council does not have a formal role to play. The governing instruments do not specifically give the Parish Council a role in the Charity – Dormansland Parish Council has no greater rights or power than a concerned member of the public.

That said, the Parish Council is very concerned to secure the best outcome for our community. The Parish Council has been working ‘behind the scenes’ liaising with all parties (the trustees and residents) to try and move the project forward and has sought to bring the varying groups together, unfortunately without success.

Dormansland Parish Council is saddened to see the community divided on this important issue and would prefer to see all concerned working together in the best interest of residents.

It continues to be a priority for us to gain the right outcome for our village and we are seeking further legal advice on the options available to us, remembering that we are impartial – we are responsible to the community as a whole and represent all residents.