Tandridge Saddle Marking

Published: 22 May 2023

Tandridge Saddle Marking


Now that Summer is approaching we would like to remind anyone who has any connections with the equine community that Surrey Police continue to offer a FREE  Saddlemarking service for LEATHER saddles. Subject to there being more than six saddles to mark we will come out to the Livery Stables, Farm or other location provided  we are able to mark the saddles somewhere that is under cover in case of inclement weather.


For anyone who is not familiar with what is involved this is what we do. A circular logo is pressed into the rear of the saddle flap, containing the words Surrey Police and a serial number. Details of the owner and the saddle are recorded on our database. A police officer or police staff are able to then make immediate checks on any marked saddle to confirm  whether or not it has been stolen and who the registered owner is. A registration certificate is also issued to the owner describing the tack and showing the owner’s details.


We have marked the saddles at a number of locations throughout Tandridge over the last few years but we believe there are still a number of livery stables who have not taken advantage of the service we offer or who have new clients who have not had their saddles marked. There continue to be incidents where saddles/ tack are stolen and a few years ago at one location in Tandridge £20,000 worth of saddles were stolen from a locked container.


If you are interested or know of any contacts might be  interested in this service please email neil.barnes@surrey.police.uk with a telephone contact number and he will be pleased to provide  more information .